Pasta Recipes

The concept of pastas sprung up from the Neapolitan cuisine of Italy. Pastas are thin pieces of hard, unleaved dough that are rolled out into various shapes and boiled, not baked. The word “pasta” has been derived from the Italian phrase “paste” meaning dough.Pastas come in different shapes – tubes, diskes, twisted and ribbed.

Tips & Articles

  • Passionate About Pasta? Cooking it to Perfection is Easier Than You Think!

    A delicious plate of pasta is the ultimate comfort food and can most certainly come to your rescue on some of those super busy weeknights. Just toss in your favorites, sprinkle some cheese, simmer the sauce, and you are good to go. Even the most finicky eaters wouldn’t shy away from a beloved plate of pasta. Time to take your pasta passion to newer heights!

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