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Latest Vadam and Vathal Recipes

South Indian snacks mostly consist of dry vegetables and a paste made from rice and spices. In most South Indian food or snack recipes, the two terms Vadam and Vathal are frequently used. Basically, Vathals are dried fruits and vegetables that can be served as a side dish, snacks or used in various recipes as well. Most importantly, they must be fried or toasted before use.

Vadam is basically a paste made from rice which is also dried and then toasted or fried before use. After drying, you can use it for approximately one year.

In India, the sun is a good source to dry Vadam and Vathal while in other countries you may require an additional assistant like an oven. They not only enhance the taste of the dishes but also make it healthy and nutritious.

One of the Vadam and Vathal recipes is the Beetroot Vadam. This dish contains a high fiber that heals constipation and promotes healthy digestion. Many studies suggest that eating plant foods decrease the risk of diabetes, heart attack, increase energy and result in a good complexion.

If we talk about some traditional snacks of South India, one of them is Jowar Vadam. This dish is not only tasty and crunchy but also includes Jowar which is healthy for joints and also has an anti-aging property.

Another traditional recipe is Elai Vadam which is mostly consumed during summer. The process of making its recipe is pretty simple but you have to show some patience and also need some practice for mastering it completely.

Apart from these, we have also shared several other Vadam and Vathal recipes. Have these crunchy and crispy snacks whenever your stomach boils with hunger!

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