Latest Dosa Recipes

Dosa is a widely known dish made with a fermented smooth batter made from a mixture of ground rice and black gram. Dosa is known by names like dose and dosai around the South depending on the state and language.

Though eaten regularly in most parts of South India, its origins are said to be from Udupi in Karnataka. According to a few historians, as per the Sangam literature, Dosas were already eaten around the 1st century A.D., in the ancient Tamil country. The Dosas during that time were soft and thick. The present-day crispier and thinner version of Dosas evolved from Udupi.

After India’s independence, this South Indian dish became widespread and popular in the Northern parts of India too. It is usually accompanied with hot sambar, potato stuffing, and chutney. Different types of chutneys made from coconut, tomato, or mint are relished with it.

Dosa is low in fat, rich in minerals, high in proteins and carbohydrates, and low in calories. Its fermented nature makes it extremely easy to digest and increases its content of Vitamin B and Vitamin C. This qualifies it as a superfood.

Dosa is best enjoyed when it is freshly made and served hot. Once prepared, the batter of Dosa can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

Adding finely chopped onions, green chilies and tomatoes to it will accentuate the flavor of the Dosa. In our country, Dosa is made in over 50 different ways with a variety of combinations of spices and vegetables.

Some states in India also have it with chicken curry. You can even use ragi (a type of millet, which is extremely healthy) or Rava (Semolina) instead of rice in the batter to make Ragi dosa or RavaDoas.

Being a healthy and tasty dish that has a versatility of its own, Dosa is a favorite among people from all over the country and is widely eaten by the Tamils of Sri Lanka as well.

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