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Easily convert kitchen weight units with our Cooking Conversion Calculator. Convert Ounces to Grams, Kilograms, or Pounds, and vice versa. Convert Grams to Ounces, Kilograms, or Pounds effortlessly. Simplify your cooking measurements with our convenient Kitchen Weight Converter.

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For practical purposes, all equivalents are rounded.

If you need to convert various kitchen measurements quickly, look at our reliable kitchen conversion calculator. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly convert common cooking measurements, such as grams to ounces. For example, did you know that 60 grams equals 2.12 ounces? Similarly, 125 grams converts to 4.41 ounces, and 30 grams becomes 1.06 ounces.

Our user-friendly food conversion calculator in English ensures that you can confidently convert different units while preparing your favourite dishes. So whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting your culinary journey, our kitchen converter is an essential tool for precise and hassle-free cooking.

15 gms 1/2 oz
30 gms 1 oz
60 gms 2 oz
90 gms 3 oz
125 gms 4 oz (1/4 lb)
155 gms 5 oz
185 gms 6 oz
220 gms 7 oz
250 gms 8 oz (1/2 lb)
280 gms 9 oz
315 gms 10 oz
345 gms 11 oz
375 gms 12 oz (3/4 lb)
410 gms 13 oz
440 gms 14 oz
470 gms 15 oz
500 gms 16 oz (1 lb)
750 gms 24 oz
1 kg 32 oz
Volume (dry ingredients – an approximate guide)
butter 1 cup (2 sticks) = 225g
rolled oats 1 cup = 100g
fine powders (e.g. flour) 1 cup = 125g
breadcrumbs (fresh) 1 cup = 50g
breadcrumbs (dried) 1 cup = 125g
nuts (e.g. almonds) 1 cup = 125g
seeds (e.g. chia) 1 cup = 160g
dried fruit (e.g. raisins) 1 cup = 150g
dried legumes (large, e.g. chickpeas) 1 cup = 170g
grains, granular goods and small dried legumes (e.g. rice, quinoa, sugar, lentils) 1 cup = 200g
grated cheese 1 cup = 100g


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