Christmas Recipes

Christmas is one of the most important festivals of the year. The festival of Christmas is celebrated for ten continuous days. The end of these Christian festivities is the New year day. The British introduced the Gregarian Calendar and throughout their rule it was the only calendar in use for official purposes. Even after they left and India became independent that calendar is being followed in India for official purposes. The first day of January is the New year day of the Gregarian Calendar.

Tips & Articles

  • 10 Christmas Recipes for Kids

    Christmas is a great festival when people visit each other’s home for merry making and parties. Kids have a great time this season as they can play lots, eat lots and get plenty of gifts. Start making these innovative recipes this Christmas and make the kids feel special.

  • Delicious Dessert Ideas for Christmas

    Desserts hold a better priority than the meals during Christmas season, especially in South India. A wide variety of yummy cakes are made and distributed by our Christian folks during this time of the year.