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  • 20 Facts about Frozen Yoghurt

    20 Facts about Frozen Yoghurt

    Do you need a fabulous and refreshing treat which cools you down like an ice-cream, but with less fat and calories? Then go for frozen yoghurt. The most wonderful aspect about yogurts are that they are the best alternatives available for ice-creams, giving you the same satisfaction but without adding extra pounds to your weight.

  • 10 Mouthwatering Indian Desserts That One Must Try

    10 Mouthwatering Indian Desserts That One Must Try

    Indian food is incomplete without consuming sweets. Festival time is filled with eating, preparing and sharing sweets. Here is a list of some famous and favorite Indian desserts one must never miss to taste in life.

  • Delectable Desserts

    Delectable Desserts

    Desserts are the limelight of any meal. Desserts are the most awaited course of any meal.Desserts are the most popular course of the meal not only for children, but also for adults. Desserts broadly fall under the categories Cakes, Cookies, Ice creams and puddings (kheer).

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