Snacks Recipes

Snacks, called tiffin in the South, occupy a very special place in our cooking. Crunchy, soft, spicy, sweet and hot, they are steamed, shallow fried or deep fried. Serve them as teatime treats or along with a meal. More often than not they are a complete meal in themselves. We have a wide variety of snacks, ranging from small eats to heavy snacks which can easily be substitued for a meal. In India, any time is snack/tiffin time.

Peas Kachori (Matar Kachori)
Kachori, Peas

Peas Kachori

Peas Kachori (or Matar Kachori) is a delicious and popular Gujarati snack. Made with a […]

Bread Bonda / Bread Aloo Bonda

Bread Bonda

Bread Bonda or Bread Aloo Bonda is a delicious deep fried snack made with crumbled […]

Punugulu (Bonda with Idli / Dosa Batter)


Punugulu or Instant Bonda with leftover Idli batter is a common street food in Andhra […]

Cheese Bonda
Bonda, Kids

Cheese Bonda

Cheese Bonda is a delicious variation to the regular bonda recipe. A simple to make […]

Mangalore Bonda

Mangalore Bonda

Mangalore Bonda is a delicious and popular South Indian tea time / evening snack dish. […]

Mangalore Buns

Mangalore Bun

Mangalore Bun or also known as Sweet Banana Pooris or Banana Buns is a popular […]

Garlic Papads - Lahsun Papads

Garlic Papads

Garlic Papad (Lahsun Papad or Lasan Papad) are a traditional Indian snack and is a […]

Kodbale / Kodubale


Kodubale or Kodbale is a popular Karnataka spicy snack.  Made during festival times, it is […]

Namak Para (Namak Pare)
Snacks, Diwali

Namak Para

Namak Para (also known as Namak Pare or Nimki) is a crispy, crunchy snack usually […]

Diwali, Kids, Snacks


Nankhatai is an Indian eggless cookie/shortbread popularly served during teatime or as an evening snack. […]