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Chicken is an ideal choice for non-vegetarians if they have to cook a wonderful meal in minutes.Chicken is high in protein with all the essential amino-acids required by our body, good source of B vitamins, rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, niacin and pantothenic acid. It is low in calories if the skin is removed and is cooked in a healthy way,  which is by using less or no oil. Chicken is also easy to digest and succulent to eat.Awesome Cusine brings you hundreds of authentic and well-known chicken recipes to choose from. Whether it’s a Chicken Biryani or a Butter Chicken or an exotic Chicken Curry, we have all the quick and easy chicken recipes for any occasion with clear step-by-step instructions.

We have 845 Chicken recipes in this category.

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Tips & Articles

  • Six Popular Variations of Chicken Biryani

    Six Popular Variations of Chicken Biryani

    Everyone loves chicken biryani, but most of us take a step back when it comes to preparing the dish due to its long and tedious process. But take our word for it – once you know and learn the right method, biryani is such an easy, quick and enjoyable recipe that there’ll be no stopping you!

  • Top 10 Indian Chicken Recipes

    Top 10 Indian Chicken Recipes

    Many dishes have travelled from India to the world and have become a craze in the western part of the world. The chicken recipes served with incomparable hospitality have made the country of India the hub and master of chicken recipes.

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