Latest Chicken Recipes

There is hardly any non-vegetarian on the face of this earth who does not like chicken. Being one of the most readily available and tasty meats in the market, chicken recipes have always been a part of hearty feasts and parties.

Moreover, chicken recipes include toothsome appetizers, delicious main dishes, and scrupulous and crispy fries that are hard to ignore for any food lover. In India, chicken dishes are mostly spicy in taste and the aromatic ingredients add a special flavor to the dishes.

We have lots of mouth-watering chicken recipes in this section all of which have a unique taste that will linger on your taste buds and mind as well. We have provided detailed recipes of scrumptious appetizers such as chicken chili, chicken nuggets, etc. and unique recipes in the form of chicken macaroni salad, chicken kal dosa, etc.

On one side we have provided traditional chicken dishes such as Chettinad chicken curry and biryani whereas on the other side we have western recipes such as Hong Kong chicken. Mastering these recipes will make you the most revered chefs in your entire family and friends and you will be able to please your young ones as well.

Chicken has its own distinguishable taste and flavor which blends with both herbs and spices perfectly. Moreover, it tastes great with all rice, roti, dosas and almost any other main dish of the Indian cuisine. Therefore, it is loved all over the country and there is a demand for both poultry chicken and desi chicken (murga) throughout the country.

Also, chicken is healthy for our body. It contains low fat as compared to other forms of meat and contains zinc, iron, magnesium and much more which are vital for the smooth functioning of our body. Therefore, you will not only taste the exoticness of these recipes but also add healthy food to your cooking menu.

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