The world has become a smaller place, thanks to the ease of travel and the far reach of the media. We have become familiar with people of different countries, their cultures and lifestyles, their clothing and, most of all, their foods.
Continental food, on the whole could be considered as International Cuisine, particularly British, American, French, Mexican, Thai and Chinese.
In modern days, Continental cuisine has come to terms with a blend of all these international cuisines together.

Catalan Bread with Tomato (Pa amb Tomaquet)

Catalan Bread with Tomato

Catalan Bread with Tomato (or Pa amb Tomaquet or Spanish Bread with Tomato Sauce) is a popular Spanish appetizer/tapas dish and requires very few ingredients to make. It is a quick and simple breakfast dish that can also be served as a snack during evening tea time or for a […]

Fried Fish Tacos

Fried Fish Tacos

Tacos are a popular Mexican street food not just in that country but all around the world. They are fast and simple to make. With numerous variations, they are perfect for any day and any time. If you are planning for a party, do include Tacos as part of the […]

Mexican Chicken Fajitas
Chicken, Mexican

Chicken Fajitas

Fajitas are a perfect dinner meal for weeknights. Easy to cook with minimal ingredients, they can be made in a jiffy. A classic Mexican dish, these Chicken Fajitas with sauteed onions and capsicums make a hearty and mouthwatering meal.   Print Recipe 0 from 0 votes Chicken Fajitas Fajitas are […]

Lamb Kofta
Middle Eastern, Mutton and Lamb

Lamb Kofta

The word Kofta is derived from the Persian verb “koftan” which means “to grind”, referring to the meatballs made from ground meat. Koftas are meatballs made with beef, chicken, lamb or pork. Its origin lies in the Middle East but it has been cooked in various ways in different parts […]

Thai Crab Fried Rice
Crab, Thai

Thai Crab Fried Rice

Most of us have relished fried rice at some point in our lives. However, nothing tastes like fried rice which is blended with the flavors of spices and crab meat. It is a popular Thai dish which is not so common in India. However, there is nothing unusual about its […]

Soy Sauce Chicken Wings
Chicken, Chinese

Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

Soy Sauce Chicken Wings also known as Chinese chicken wings is a delicious chicken wings recipe drizzled with liberal amount of soy sauce. The dish is simple to make yet beats many chicken recipes with its magical flavor and luscious texture. This dish comes from the Cantonese or Guangdong cuisine […]

Mexican Chilli Rice
Mexican, Rice

Mexician Chilli Rice

Mexican cuisine has several parallels to our Indian food. For instance, black beans is quite common there as is Rajma in India. So, it’s not surprising if their fried rice tastes very similar to ours, sans a few ingredient changes here and there. That’s how I look at this recipe […]

Chocolate Truffle Cake
Cakes, Chocolate, International

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Love chocolate? Actually, it is not the right question at all. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love chocolate. Especially when it goes a step ahead and gets processed into a cake or a filling that is gooey, rich and transports you to heaven! You love the sound of this? Then […]