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India in terms of food is diverse. There is no universal thumb rule which defines Indian food. The street food available in major cities will have a few common delicacies. The best part about street food is that one can enjoy it without any inhibitions. Street food’s unique characteristic is defined by the fact that it clearly represent local flavour.Given our hectic lifestyles today, many people neither have the time nor inclination to cook long, leisurely meals. They often resort to eating fast food that are quick and easy to prepare. The fast food industry in India has evolved with the changing lifestyles of the young Indian population. Many of the traditional dishes have been adapted to suit the emerging fast food outlets.

We have 127 Fast Food recipes in this category.

Tips & Articles

  • 15 Popular Indian Appetizers and Snacks

    15 Popular Indian Appetizers and Snacks

    Appetizers and snacks in general are finger food or ready to eat food. Some of these are quite popular and have become street food, while others are served at homes, restaurants or at parties. Read on for 15 of the most popular appetizers or snacks…

  • Are Street Foods Healthy?

    Are Street Foods Healthy?

    India is known for its food that is just as vibrant and exotic as the country and the culture itself. Street food of India is an acquired taste. It is a different cuisine all on its own that cannot be found anywhere else but in India. The street food of India is made with unique flavors all comingled in a single dish. It’s affordable and made on the spot, ideal for tourists on a budget who have an adventurous palate and a strong stomach.

  • Healthy Fast Food Choices

    Healthy Fast Food Choices

    The following are practical examples of healthy food choices at fast food chains that are getting popular these days. Finding out the healthiest option on the menu of your favorite fast food chain can be challenging.

  • The Growth of Ready to Eat Food

    The Growth of Ready to Eat Food

    Cooking is an inseparable part of a culture. We are living in an era when fast foods have become an order of the day.Recently a number of companies have introduced ready meals for a number of food items ranging from idli, dosa, dal, chawal, and even chole bhature .

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