Mango Recipes

The mango is often called the “king of fruits”. It is an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. Most mangoes are kidney-shaped, oval or round. The mango has a smooth leathery skin that surrounds a juicy yellow or orange pulp and hard inner pith. The skin colour may be green, or various shades of orange, red or yellow. Mangoes can be made into milkshakes, ice cream and also added in salads.
Grown in plenty all over India, raw mangoes can be prepared either in daily cooking or as a preserves in the form of pickles and chutneys. In the raw form, mangoes have a high content of carbohydrate, traces of iron and protein as well as vitamins A and C.

Mango Pulissery (Mambazha Pulissery)
Onam, Mango

Mango Pulissery

Mango Pulissery is an authentic and traditional dish from the Kerala cuisine. A lip-smacking dish, […]

Mango Mojito
Cocktails, Mango

Mango Mojito

This Mango Mojito is a refreshing combination of ripe mango, rum and mint leaves. Ingredients: Ripe […]

Laddu, Mango

Mango Laddu

Mango Ladoo is a simple and delicious sweet made with mangoes, paneer and sugar. Ingredients: […]