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The mango is often called the “king of fruits”. It is an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. Most mangoes are kidney-shaped, oval or round. The mango has a smooth leathery skin that surrounds a juicy yellow or orange pulp and hard inner pith. The skin colour may be green, or various shades of orange, red or yellow. Mangoes can be made into milkshakes, ice cream and also added in salads.
Grown in plenty all over India, raw mangoes can be prepared either in daily cooking or as a preserves in the form of pickles and chutneys. In the raw form, mangoes have a high content of carbohydrate, traces of iron and protein as well as vitamins A and C.

We have 156 Mango recipes in this category.

Tips & Articles

  • 10 Health Benefits of Mangoes

    10 Health Benefits of Mangoes

    We greedily grab mangoes to relish the toothsome fruit, but little do we know the numerous benefits this fruit has in store.
    Here is why our mothers and grandmothers have been raving about the king of fruits

  • The International Mango Festival

    The International Mango Festival

    The International Mango festival is a grand way of celebrating India's age old association with this king of fruits. The festival was first organized in 1987 and since then it is regularly held annually in the early summer and span for two days.

  • The Incredible Varieties of Mango

    The Incredible Varieties of Mango

    Summer is out and it's time for yummy mangoes. India boasts of different varieties of delicious mangoes from small ping-pong ball size mangoes to large one that weights as much as half a kilogram. Each one has a unique flavor and taste. Here is a list of various mangoes available in various states. Enjoy a gastronomic journey across various states to savor the delicious mango bite.

  • King of Fruits – Mango

    King of Fruits – Mango

    This fruit rightly called the King of fruits is a native to the Indian sub continent – originally from our very own South and South East Asia. Even the name originated from Malayalam – manga.

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