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See Through Salad

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2 tsp gelatine or lemon jelly 1/2 packet
2 1/2 cups water
2 cups mixed shredded or grated firm vegetables e.g.. carrot, cabbage, celery etc.
1 green chilli chopped fine
2-3 springs mint leaves chopped
1 cucumber, slices for decorating
1 tomato slices for decorating
salt, sugar, pepper (freshly ground to taste)

Prepare the jelly in regular way.
If using gelatine take 1/2 cup water in a small heavy crucible
Sprinkle gel on it. Allow to soak as it is for 5 minutes.
Now hold the crucible over very low flame or indirectly and stir gradually till all the gelatine
dissolves and the liquid is clear. Do not allow to boil.
Add to the remaining water and stir well till clear.
Set in a rinsed wet glass bowl or jelly mould.
Mix all other ingredients and toss together except cucumber and tomato slices.
When the jelly or gel is thick but unset, add the prepared salad and stir in gently.
Set till firm.
Just before serving, unmould by dipping the bowl in hot water for a few seconds and
invert on plate.
Decorate ring and top of the mould with cucumber, tomato and coriander sprig.

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