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Sabji or Sabzi or Poriyal or Dry Curry is a must in every meal, whether it is an ordinary meal or a festive one. It is a dry, vegetable preparation served as an accompaniment with a gravy dish like sambar or rasam along with rice. There are three types of dry curries. One variety is where vegetables are steam cooked, then seasoned with 1-2 tblsp oil and garnished with coconut. Varieties of beans, cabbage and cauliflower etc. can be made this way. The other variety is the roasted or deep fried one, generally made with root vegetables like potato, yam etc. The third variety is the stuffed one prepared vegetables like brinjals and capsicums. This is prepared normally for special occasions.
Besides vegetables prepared as dry curries, dal and lentils can also be prepared and served with gravy. These are quite popular in South India.

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