International Recipes

The world has become a smaller place, thanks to the ease of travel and the far reach of the media. We have become familiar with people of different countries, their cultures and lifestyles, their clothing and, most of all, their foods.
Continental food, on the whole could be considered as International Cuisine, particularly British, American, French, Mexican, Thai and Chinese.
In modern days, Continental cuisine has come to terms with a blend of all these international cuisines together.

Tips & Articles

  • Popular Sweets in Britain

    Wherever we travel across the globe, we're always on the lookout for exciting confectionary that appeals to all our senses. As a sweet-toothed nation we all have our own favourites, and the retro classics confectioneries have enjoyed a real resurgence in recent time transporting us all back to our childhood for a nostalgic taste sensation. It has never failed to put a smile on our face.

  • A Scandinavian Feast

    Healthy Scandinavian Dishes to try at home. Scandinavian cuisine is a wonderfully distinctive world of simple, hearty ingredients culled from the cold ocean, the woods, the mountains, and the garden.