Salad Recipes

Fresh and crisp, made with a variety of vegetables, salads can be served with any course. Most vegetables are chopped raw and seasoned lightly or mixed with curd. Others are boiled or sauteed lighty. Highly nutritious, they lend variety and zest to the meal. Salads are good appetizers. Every party or dinner menu has atleast one salad dish. They are good to eat and has great eye-appeal. Any salad tastes better and crisp if the vegetables have been soaked in chilled water for a while. Adding sprouts to salads makes them look more colourful and loads of nutrition. Salad dressings add aditional flavour to the salads.

Whether you fancy a light snack on a lazy summer’s day or a hearty lunch on a winter’s afternoon these easy salad recipes will demonstrate the versatility of the simple salad.

Tips & Articles

  • 10 Popular Summer Salads

    Using ingredients that are commonly available during this season, the below salads can be prepared to accompany your meals, barbecue or just as a snack on their own.

  • The Many Health Benefits of Salad

    Consuming salads will give us the required source of vitamins that are water soluble. Eating raw vegetables and fruits in forms of salads are also beneficial because they give us the fiber content and can thus aid digestion.

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