Vegetable Cutlet


1 medium size carrot
1 medium size potato
1 medium size beet root (optional)
4-5 Beans
Peas (optional)

To Grind
garlic 1 small piece
Fennel seeds 2-3
Green chili 2-3
Coriander leaves little bit
One medium sizes onion finely cut & keep.

To dip
2-3 tablespoon of Maida & add little bit of water and mix them well (it should be pouring like idli flour)

Take 3-4 slices of bread & powder them. (you can use either breads crumbs)

1.Finely cut all the above said vegetables.
2.Wash & Pressure-cook with little bit of water, turmeric powder & salt.
3.Smash them & keep it aside (if there is any excess waterin the cooked vegetables just drain).
4.Heat one tablespoon of oil.
5.Fry onions till it turns into brown & add the grounded paste. Just fry for few seconds.
6.Then add the smashed vegetables & fry till it gets thickened. Wait to cool.
7.Then make them into small balls and dip it in the above said Maida consistency & immediately smear them in the above said powder and spread them in the plate or paper to dry.
8.Once everything over just do deep-fry or roast both the sides of them by adding little bit of oil till it turns into brown in the wok or thava.

Servings: 12-15 (depends upon the balls you are making)
Side Dish: Ketchup, Chilly chutney

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  1. very good recipe.. please go on giving recipes.. its really awesome! i shared it with my friend using who stays abroad.. she was facing issues with cooking as she was newly married.. the recipe worked..

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    its fantabrulla!!!!

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