Onion Recipes

Grown extensively, all over India, onions form the most important vegetable in our daily cooking. Besides, adding flavour to food, onions have high medicinal properties especially in the raw form, in salads and raithas.Onion has a high content of carbohydrates, some protein and traces of vitamins and iron and has sodium, potassium and calcium.

We have 91 Onion recipes in this category.

Tips & Articles

  • How to Cut Onions without Crying

    How to Cut Onions without Crying

    Cutting onions is frequently the bane of a cook's existence and can make even the manliest chef cry. By understanding why they cause tears, people can reduce how much they cry while cutting onions.

  • Onion – The Kitchen Herb

    Onion – The Kitchen Herb

    Onion is known for its nutritional value and for the utility as herbal medicine in our country. It has moderate amounts of protein, fat, fibre and good amounts of calcium, phosphorous and potassium.

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