Italian Recipes

Italian cuisine has a tradition of dishes based on wheat products
(such as bread and pasta), vegetables, cheese, fish, and meat, usually
prepared in such a manner as to preserve their ingredients’ natural
qualities, appearance, and taste.

Tips & Articles

  • Passionate About Pasta? Cooking it to Perfection is Easier Than You Think!

    A delicious plate of pasta is the ultimate comfort food and can most certainly come to your rescue on some of those super busy weeknights. Just toss in your favorites, sprinkle some cheese, simmer the sauce, and you are good to go. Even the most finicky eaters wouldn’t shy away from a beloved plate of pasta. Time to take your pasta passion to newer heights!

  • Why Everyone Loves Italian Food

    Italians are known for more than pizza and pasta. Every region will have something they are famous for. Salads are simple, attractive and flavoursome. Only top quality meat is used, which is flavoured with the best olive oil and fantastic herbs.

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