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Pisinarisi Payasam


Butter – 2 tblsp
Raw Cashew Nuts – 1/4 cup, halved
Tapioca – 1/2 cup
Milk – 3 cups
Yellow Food Colouring – a pinch (optional)
Green Cardamom – 1/4 tsp, powdered
Saffron Strands – 5
Crystalline Camphor – 2, very small pieces (optional)
Sugar – 1/2 cup
Seedless Raisins – 1 tsp

1. Put 1 tblsp of butter in a small pan over medium heat and fry the cashew nuts till golden brown.
2. Remove the cashew nuts from the pan and set aside.
3. Melt 1 tblsp of butter in a deep pan.
4. Add the tapioca and fry for a few minutes, stirring continuously.
5. Slowly add 1 cup of milk at a time stirring all the while over low-medium heat.
6. Cook for 10 to 13 minutes till the tapioca is tender while stirring continously.
7. Add the food colouring along with cardamom, saffron strands, camphor and sugar.
8. Stir well over low heat.
9. Add the cashew nuts and raisins.
10. Remove from heat and keep covered.
11. Serve the payasam at room temperature or as a cold dessert.

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