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Sweet and Sour Mango Curry


Sweet and Sour Mango Curry
Green Mangoes – 1, medium, sliced into 4
Coriander Seeds – 3/4 tblsp
Red Chillies – 2 to 3
Cumin – 1/4 tsp
Garlic – 2 cloves
Ginger – 1/4 inch piece
Onion – 1, finely sliced
Jaggery – 1/2 tblsp
Turmeric Powder – a pinch
Water – 2 cups
Salt as per taste

1. Grind the chillies, coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger and garlic to a smooth paste.
2. Heat oil in a pan and fry the onions till golden brown.
3. Add the ground masala and fry well.
4. Add the sliced mangoes and jaggery.
5. Pour enough water to cover it and cook till mangoes are soft and curry is thick.
6. Add salt to taste and remove.
7. Serve hot.

Image credit: Itslife

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