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Paneer Coconut Laddu

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Paneer – 1 cup, grated
Coconut – 1 cup
Sugar – 4 to 5 tsp
Saffron Strands – a pinch, dissolved in 1/2 tsp of milk
Rose Essence – 2 tsp
Silver Foil – to garnish

1. In a pan add coconut and sugar.
2. Wait till sugar dissolves completely.
3. Add the rose essence and saffron strands.
4. Let it simmer.
5. Once it has thickened allow it to cool.
6. Add paneer in a bowl with little sugar. Mix well.
7. Make small balls and wrap the coconut mixture around the paneer.
8. Alternately you can coat the paneer balls with the coconut by rolling it in the mixture.
9. Garnish with the silver foil.
10. Serve.

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