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Rabri Malai Balai

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Full Cream Milk – 11 cups
Sugar – 1 cup
Pistachios – 10, chopped
Almonds – 10, chopped
Vetiver Essence – a few drops
Sliver leaf – 3 to 4

1. Boil the milk in kadai.
2. Add the sugar and cook on low heat, stirring continuously.
3. As the milk simmers a layer of cream will form on the surface.
4. Push this to the side of the kadai.
5. Continue pushing the cream on the side till all the milk is converted into cream.
6. Scrape the sides of the kadai and scoop out the cream into a serving dish.
7. Add the pistachios and almonds.
8. Sprinkle some vetiver essence and serve garnished with sliver leaves.
9. Best served cold.

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