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10 Ways to Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating provides your body with the energy and nutrition for its proper functioning, reduces your risk to many life threatening diseases, and protects you against several disorders and diseases. This article lists 10 ways that would pave way for healthy eating.

  1. Never skip your breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of a day. Skipping your breakfast can reduce your overall energy levels, lowers your metabolic rate, reduces your concentrating capacity, decreases your blood sugar level, and leads to overeating during the other meal times. Start your day with a healthy breakfast that is low in calorie levels. A breakfast consisting of a cup of milk, some bread and a cup of fresh fruits can be wholesome breakfast.
  2. Maintain a food journal – Research says that maintaining a food journal can bring in discipline into your food habits especially when a dietary change is being implemented. So, write down everything that you eat in a day in a book. This will help you to recognize those areas where you need a healthy change.
  3. Eat slowly – Slow eating is a great way to relish your food, to eat less, and to pave way for easy digestion. Eat mindfully and slowly. You can do this by putting down the spoon and cutting down your food into smaller pieces before taking them. Chew whatever goes into your mouth well.
  4. Plan before you shop – Make a detailed grocery shopping list before you go for shopping. Evaluate the purpose of each food item on the list. Cut off all the filler foods from the list. This will help you eliminate buying those calorie rich things that are completely unhealthy. Also, be mindful to go for shopping in full stomach, else you will end up buying food stuff high in empty calories.
  5. Buy loads of seasonal fruits and vegetables – Nature has its own way of teaching us healthy eating styles. It produces certain fruits and vegetables in abundance in certain seasons to tell us that we need to consume those in plenty during those times. Besides, seasonal fruits and vegetables taste good and they do not make a hole in our pockets.
  6. Avoid buying drinks other than milk – Beverages available at stores may seem attractive, but they are loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugar that add to empty calories. Avoid even those packaged fruit juices. You can make fresh and healthy fruit juices at your own home. Besides, they won’t cost much if you make them by yourself.
  7. Make your own snacks – Cut down buying those commercial snacks. Instead, prepare them at your home. Fruit salad, boiled sprouted pulses, air-popped popcorn, steamed vegetables, baby carrots, rice cakes, dry fruits, etc are healthy snack alternatives. You can come up with lots of them by being a little innovative. You can also prepare homemade soups and stews at home for your family.
  8. Variety is the key – Ensure that the food items that you consume in a day contain all the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, water, and protein. For this, you need to eat a variety of food stuff each day.
  9. Take reduced amount of fat and fatty food – Taking too much fat is not healthy. However, you need fats for the proper functioning of your body. So, consume fats in a lower quantity. Let the fats that you consume be of the “good fats” group. The good fats are rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). Sunflower oil, olive oil, avocados, peanut oil, canola oil, cashews, etc.
  10. Avoid salty foods – Many people who are used to consuming salty foods, adapt themselves to it too much that when they consume foods that have lower amounts of salt, they find them quite tasteless. A study says that most people worldwide consume twice as much salt as recommended. So, cut your salt consumption and add taste to your food with spices.

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Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar
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