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Though soups are an all time favourite of dieters and foodies alike, winter makes a soup all the more appealing. More so if the soup is hot, tasty and filling, forming a small meal by itself. Soups like minstrone, wanton, etc. come in this category.  Sometimes, esp. in summer, even chilled soups like gazpacho, cucumber soup, etc. are also a welcome change. So, from the lowcal tomato soup to the most filling, rich creamy soups, they are an enjoyment.

And on a cold winter day, these hot rich steaming bowlfuls are as welcome as paradise itself.

Supplement them with warmed buttered breads, or rolls, flavoured with your favourite butters and what for a good wholesome meal!!! So gorge ahead and enjoy more of these yummy soups, hot and wonderful.

Soups represent a part of the starting of a meal in some form or other, almost globally. The range of soups that can be made, even in the fully vegetarian category is practically endless. They may be hot or cold, thick or watery, light or heavy enough to fill your stomach fairly well, so you land up eating less of the meal.
They may be simple enough to make in a few minutes or complicated and time consuming.

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