Onion Murukku Recipe

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raw rice – 3 1/2 cups
tuvar dal – 1 cup
small onions (peeled) – 1/4 cup
salt – 2 tsp
chilli powder – 1 1/2 tsp
hot oil –  2 ladles
oil – for deep frying

1. Powder rice and dal together in a mill.
2. Sieve it and mix with salt, red chilli powder.
3. Grind onions to smooth paste and mix with flour.
4. Pour measured hot oil and blend well.
5. Divide the flour equally into 10 parts.
6. Mix water to each portion separately just before frying to form a thick dough.
7. Using a three star disc in murukku maker, squeeze directly in hot oil to form a big murukku.
8. When crisp remove and drain excess oil in a colander.
9. Crumble when it cools and store in air-tight container.

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