Cashewnut Thenkuzhal


raw rice – 1 cup
cashewnuts – 100 gms
ghee – 1 tblsp
powdered salt – 3/4 tasp
oil – for deep frying

1. Soak rice for 10 minutes.
2. Drain well and spread over a towel to dry under shade (for 1/2 an hour)
3. Powder it in a mixie and sieve.
4. Grind cashews to smooth thick paste with just enough water.
5. Mix this with flour, add salt, melted hot ghee and mix well.
6. Sprinkle little water if necessary and knead like a thick dough.
7. Fill dough in greased murukku maker with  3 eyed disc.
8. Prepare small murukkus on top of a wet towel.
9. Deep fry few at a time in hot oil till the oil holds.
10. When crisp take out and put in a colander or on absorbent paper to drain excess oil.

Store in air-tight containers.

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