Cauliflower Fry

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Try this irresistible crunch of Cauliflower Fry – a mouthwatering fusion of soy-infused goodness and perfectly fried florets—a quick and flavorful veggie delight.

Dive into the world of delightful veggie indulgence with Cauliflower Fry. This recipe transforms ordinary cauliflower into a crispy, flavour-packed delight, making it a must-try for all veggie lovers.

About the Recipe

Cauliflower Fry is a celebration of textures and tastes – crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, with a delightful umami kick from soy sauce. It’s a quick and simple dish that promises to elevate your cauliflower experience.

Why You Will Love This Recipe

Cauliflower Fry is a game-changer for veggie enthusiasts. The marriage of crispy cauliflower and savoury soy sauce creates a snack or side dish that’s delicious and incredibly easy to prepare.

Cauliflower Fry

Cauliflower Fry

Cooking Tips

Ensure the cauliflower pieces are well-coated with the cornflour and maida mixture for an extra crispy texture. Adjust soy sauce and pepper to taste preference for a personalized flavour profile.

Serving and Storing Suggestions

Serve Cauliflower Fry hot as a tempting appetizer or a delightful side dish. Pair it with a tangy dip, or enjoy it alone for a satisfying crunch. Best consumed immediately for the ultimate crispiness.

Other Similar Recipes

Explore our Spicy Gobi Manchurian or Aloo Gobi recipes for more delicious ways to enjoy cauliflower. Each recipe offers a unique take on this versatile vegetable.

Nutrient Benefits

Cauliflower is a nutrient powerhouse, rich in vitamins C and K, and a good source of fibre. This recipe provides a tasty way to incorporate these essential nutrients into your diet.

Cauliflower Fry
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Cauliflower Fry

Try this irresistible crunch of Cauliflower Fry – a mouthwatering fusion of soy-infused goodness and perfectly fried florets—a quick and flavorful veggie delight.
Prep Time7 hours 15 minutes
Total Time7 hours 15 minutes


  • 1 Cauliflower (medium, chopped)
  • 100 gms Corn Flour
  • 20 gms Maida
  • 1 tsp Soy Sauce
  • 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder
  • 4 to 5 cloves Garlic
  • 1 Onion (medium, chopped)
  • Spring Onions (a few + some for garnishing, chopped)
  • Oil (as required)
  • Salt (as per taste)
  • Black Pepper Powder (as needed)


  • Boil cauliflower in water for 1 minute; drain and set aside.
  • Mix cauliflower with red chilli powder, cornflour, maida, and salt in a bowl.
  • Fry cauliflower until golden brown.
  • In another pan, sauté garlic, spring onions, and soy sauce.
  • Stir in the fried cauliflower, sprinkle pepper, and remove from heat.
  • Garnish with spring onions and serve hot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use whole wheat flour instead of maida?

While you can experiment, maida contributes to the crispy texture. Whole wheat flour may alter the crunch, but feel free to try and adjust proportions accordingly.

Can I air-fry the cauliflower for a healthier option?

Air frying is a healthier alternative, giving you a similar crispy texture without deep frying. Adjust the time and temperature based on your air fryer settings.

Any suggestions for a dipping sauce?

Try pairing Cauliflower Fry with a zesty mint yoghurt dip or a sweet and sour tamarind chutney for an extra burst of flavour.

Can I add more vegetables to this recipe?

Certainly! For a colourful veggie medley, experiment with bell peppers, broccoli, or carrots. Adjust the cooking times accordingly for different vegetables.

What’s an excellent central course pairing for Cauliflower Fry?

Pair it with our Vegetable Biryani or Roti for a complete and satisfying meal, bringing diverse flavours to your dining table.




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