Tomato Soup

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4 large tomatoes
Mint leaves
salt & pepper

Keep tomatoes in a heavy pan.
Put water and allow it to boil.
Put salt, mint and continue boiling
for 10 minutes.
When cool, blend the tomatoes in a mixer.
Sieve to separate seeds and skin.
If mixer is not available use a soup strainer for 2 minutes.
Ready to serve hot.



  1. good try

  2. Better than the best

  3. your soup is really great i try it last night oh perfect my kids love it. thanks

  4. will try

  5. gg\ood

  6. it came out well when i tried it

  7. Idrish khan

    iwill try

  8. i think its not to be very tasty.

  9. thanks for this simple receipe …

  10. excellant

  11. i m going to try

  12. i tried it..its delicious.thank u.

  13. Thanks

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