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Flavours of Goan Cuisine

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I am reminded of fawn colored beaches, azure waters, sails, surfs, sun bathing, swimming, old European churches and seafood. What about you?Goan Cuisine

Goa, the land of diverse cultures and international cuisines thrives mainly on tourism. Goan cuisine overlaps with Konkan and Maharashtran cuisine very closely. The use of Kokum instead of tamrind is a very distinct feature. Goan food is also characterized by the prolific use of coconuts in various forms – dry, grated, paste and coconut milk. Spices and flavors are an intense feature of Goan cuisine.

influence is very high in the foods of

Goa. Nowadays, American and European influences are affecting the varieties of this region’s cuisine. Oh well, all highly delectable and exquisitely. So, we love it, don’t we?

Firstly, let us sample the traditional Goan delicacies and then move onto the region’s international goodies. Rice and fish are the staple food.

Among vegetarian dishes, Patoleo is a dish made of turmeric or banana leaves into which rice, dal, coconut and jaggery are stuffed. Both Goan catholics and Hindus prepare this dish alike on their respective festivals.

Goans consider fish as vegetarian. Even the Goan Brahmins consume fish. Goan vegetarians are mostly facultative vegetarians. Being the staple dish, Goan fish pulao is the much sought after, easily prepared and regular dish among vegetarians in

Goa. Goan potato curry is a great side dish for this.

Kadio Bodio are tiny Maida sticks dipped in sugar syrup and dried. It is a delicacy especially loved by kids.

Peda is a very simple and famous sweet prepared all over
, more so in

Goa. So is Puran Poli. This common sweet is also a very much sought after Goan delicacy.

Among non-vegetarian dishes, Goan fish curry, Goan Shrimp curry, Goan Prawn curry, Goan Chicken curry, Goan fish head curry, Goan Mussels curry, Goan Prawn Caldine dish are all famous.  There is even a video recipe for Goan Prawn curry recipe. Do not forget to check it out here. All video recipes from Awesome cuisine are a must watch and especially this, even so.

This Goan chicken and coconut dish is the most famous and traditional dish.

The international influences can be found in these sausages in bread dish. Mussels prepared the Goan style has traces of European flavors in it.

Though this is called Fried Bombay Duck, this originated in Goa and was taken to

Maharashtra from the early Goan settlers to Mumbai. It’s now becoming quite popular in

Bombay and along the entire Konkan coast. Knowing the history behind each dish, each recipe, and each flavor in the preparation of the dish makes it more interesting to cook and good to eat. We at awesome cuisine, try to provide you with all sorts of interesting information about each ingredient and recipe.

Head out for this Wild Bombay Ducks and have fun!

Fish cutlets are the most common snack item for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We have an awesome video recipe for fish cutlet with detailed instructions which you can check here. I also think it would be great if the readers go through all the fish and seafood video recipes. Ninety percent of these are again, Konkan style and Goan style.

Pomfret curry recipe is always quite popular in

Goa. In fact I suggest you check out the entire collection of fish recipes in our Non vegetarian section. Most of these are Konkan fish recipes.

Sannas is a variation of our very own South Indian idli, rather I would say, they called it that way, there.

Doce Bhaji is a very nutritious and sweet tea time snack which every nursing mother should definitely have.

Fish cake, (yes, they make cakes out of fish) is very popular.

All sorts of Kheer are quite popular in

Goa, especially Sweet potato Kheer. Goans also believe in ending the meal with a sweet note.

Goans are a very experimental people. They eat a wide variety of foods. They like to blend not only the neighbouring states’ like Maharashtrian and Karnataka cuisine into theirs, but are fairly international too like you would have observed in this article.

It’s a hot tourist spot not only because of the scenic locations and beaches, but also because it has a wide spectrum of delicious foods to boast of.

If you know more Goan recipes, drop us a note with a picture of your preparation and we will honor you with a mention in our next post.

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