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Why Skipping Breakfast is a Bad Idea?

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We must always begin a day with healthy breakfast in the morning. The main idea behind having nutritious breakfast is to put an end to fasting for 10 to 12 hours of night time. Many people tend to harbor a misconception that skipping breakfast will help them to stay slim and trim. But, in reality, skipping breakfast make you put on weight. It promotes hunger pangs and you will end up with eating more at lunch. So, don’t skip breakfast. The body does lots of work during your night’s sleep and requires some energy to replenish the burnt out calories during the night hours.

Importance of Breakfast

We must give our brain and body enough materials to continue working for the rest of the day. Include minerals, protein, carbohydrate and vitamins in the breakfast to beat the day long craving for food. The body remains cool and satisfied if we eat a full and satisfying breakfast. Breakfast helps the body to gather the carbohydrate it used up during the night while continuing to breathe and carrying out other important physiological processes. A full breakfast will make a child and an adult get concentration for starting a new day at school and at work. We will feel the urge of working vigorously with attention if we have stomach filled with good breakfast.

Never skip breakfast if you have traveling plans early in the morning. Having a bacon sandwich, a boiled egg and a banana will not take much time. We can feel good and find the energy level flowing if our breakfast is good. A person having full breakfast can maintain the figure in good shape and size as his/her mid-day craving for sweets will be restricted. The stomach remains filled and will send sensations to the brain to kill unwanted cravings for food. It thus, helps to keep a person in shape and prevents obesity.

Breakfast helps to increase the metabolic rate of the body and this enables breaking the sugars of the body. We get energy that is released from food particle breakdown. Breakfast can make the day start in style. It acts better than a hearty dinner or a complete lunch. We get energy to carry out life’s functions by eating breakfast on early mornings. A cup of tea will make the sleepy feel vanish and the juice will make the mind and body refreshed.

Healthy breakfast reduces chances of heart attack in human beings. The platelets in the blood have the tendency to remain sticky during the morning. If one eats fibrous breakfast, the chances of platelet stickiness decreases in lot amounts. The person can stay away from sudden blood clotting in the blood vessels. Feelings of tiredness and dizziness can be avoided while traveling in the morning to offices and schools and colleges if the stomach is filled with hearty breakfast.

Empty stomach will make the mind feel agitated and irritable. A child going to school without sufficient breakfast cannot give his full performance in the extracurricular activities and studies. He will not get good grades in the tests and exercise given by the teachers. Never go to give an examination without having food in the morning. The empty stomach will not allow the brain to function to the ultimate level. He will tend to forget the memorized things and will not be able to use his IQ to the best of the ability. People going for important meetings will not be able to take proper decisions if the mind is not at rest due to not eating breakfast. Home makers, the mothers also require full energy at the beginning of the day to carry on activities like grocery shopping, cooking, washing and cleaning.

Under no circumstances skip breakfast as it is the main meal of a day. Eat your breakfast like a king with milk, cereals, eggs and fruits to start your day with full oomph.

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