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Coconut Crepes

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For the Crepes:
Refined Flour – 1 1/4 cups
Baking Powder – A Pinch
Salt – 1/4 tsp
Egg – 1
Granulated Sugar – 1 tbsp
Milk (half Milk and half Water) – 1 cup + 3 tbsp

For the Filling:
Sugar/ Grated Jaggery – 3 tbsp, dissolved in 1 tbsp water over low heat
Coconut – 2 cups, grated
Ghee for Frying

1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.
2. Beat the egg with the sugar till foamy.
3. Mix in the milk/ milk and water.
4. Pour this gradually into the flour mixture to prevent lumps from forming.
5. Beat well for 1 minute.
6. Leave to stand for 15 minutes.
7. Grease and heat a 6 inch frying pan lightly with ghee.
8. Pour 2 tbsp batter into it, tilting to coat the base thinly.
9. Cook covered for a minute.
10. Remove and repeat till all the batter is used up.
11. For the filling, in a pan, add the sugar/ jaggery syrup and coconut.
12. Cook for a few seconds.
13. Remove from heat and cool.
14. Place a little filling on each pancake and roll lightly.
15. Sprinkle with grated coconut and Serve.

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