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Banarsi Peda


1kg khoya
375 gms sugar
1 tsp cardamom, coarsely powdered
25 gms each of sugar-candy, almonds and pistachious
a few drops essence of rose

1. Pound sugar-candy very coarsely.
2. Blanch and slice the nuts finely and mix with sugar-candy and set aside.
3. Place khoya, sugar and 2 tsps milk in a heavy-bottomed pan.
4. Cook over a slow fire, stirring all the time till all the moisture is absorbed, and the mixture turns very thick and leaves the sides of the pan.
5. Mix in cardamoms and essence and remove from fire.
6. Knead to a smooth mixture with your hands when cool, then form into small round and flat balls.
7. Cover both the sides of the balls with pieces of sugar-candy and nuts, press in gently so that the nuts adhere to the pedas.
8. Store in airtight containers.

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