Idli Recipes

Idli is a round, fluffy bread roughly eight centimetres in diameter. Idli is made from ground rice or rice flour mixed with ground urad dal, salt, methi (fenugreek seeds) and water. The mixture is allowed to ferment prior to being steamed in an idli steamer. They are traditional to Southern India and are most often eaten with sambar.

Mangalore Idli / Moode

Mangalore Idli

Mangalore Idli, is a delicacy from the rich food land of Udupi, Mangalore. Udupi, famous for […]

Quinoa Idli
Health, Idli

Quinoa Idli

Quinoa is one of the popular health food these days. High in protein, fiber, antioxidants […]

Idly 65 (Idli 65)
Idli, Snacks

Idly 65

Idly 65 (or Idli 65) is a great way to use up any leftover idlis. […]

Onion Podi Idli

Onion Podi Idli

This is a variation to the traditional idlis. Plain idlis are cooked in a mixture […]

Oats Idli
Idli, Oats

Oats Idli

Idlis are one of the most popular breakfast dishes across India. This variation with Oats […]


Green Idli

Ingredients: Idlis – 4 to 5, chopped Mint Leaves – a small bunch, cleaned, washed, […]

idli chaat
Chaat, Idli

Mini Idli Chaat

A simple, easy to make and delicious chaat dish with leftover idlis. Ingredients: Mini Idlis […]