Tandoori Paneer Tikka Recipe

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Paneer – 500 gms, cut into 5x1cm
Tomato Slices – 2 to 3
Lemon Wedges to garnish
Green Chillies – slit, to garnish
Butter/Oil – 3 tblsp, for basting
Bamboo Skewers as required

For the Marinade:
Drained Yogurt – 1 cup
Garlic – 2 tsp, grated
Cloves – 1 tsp, ground
Cardamoms – 4, small, ground
Cinnamon Powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt and Pepper to taste
Red Food Colour – few drops

1. Put the yogurt in a bowl along with the rest of the ingredients for the marinade and mix well.
2. Remove excess moisture from the paneer pieces by patting them dry with a paper towel.
3. Add them to the marinade. Marinate for 1 hour then push onto skewers.
4. Heat the grill and grill the paneer pieces for 10 to 15 minutes.
5. Transfer the paneer to a pan and simmer on medium heat till the marinade is absorbed.
6. Transfer the skewers onto a serving platter.
7. Garnish with tomato slices, lemon wedges and green chillies.

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