Mawa Kachori

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Mawa Kachori is a popular and traditional Rajasthani dessert. A deep fried snack filled with dry fruits, they are served as a dessert to any meal or even as a snack. Can be served as a savoury snack or as a sweet one by dipping it in a sugar syrup.
Mawa Kachori

Maida (Plain Flour) – 2 cups
Sweetened Khoya (Mawa) – 1 cup
Almonds, Pistachios and Cashew Nuts – 4 tblsp
Saffron Strands – little
Salt as per taste
Ghee as required

1. Add a pinch of salt and enough water to maida.
2. Add 2 tsp of ghee and mix well to a thick dough.
3. Keep aside for 90 to 120 minutes.
4. Coarsely grind the cashews, pistachios and almonds.
5. Add this to the khoya and make small balls of the mixture.
6. Make small balls of the dough and roll them out into small-medium puris.
7. Add the almond-cashew balls and fold well.
8. Gently fold them into kachoris.
9. Heat ghee in a deep frying pan over medium flame.
10. Fry the prepared kachoris until golden brown.
11. Garnish with the saffron strands and dry fruits.
12. Serve at once.

Tip: You can also dip them into a sugar syrup and serve.

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