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Buttermilk and Berry Milkshake

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Vanilla ice cream – 3 big scoops
Buttermilk – 1/2 cup
Berries – 1 cup
Creme de Cassis – 1 tsp

For the milk shake:
1. Start by letting the vanilla ice cream soften a little. However, make sure you have scooped out the required quantity when the ice cream is still firm.
2. Put the softened ice cream and the buttermilk in a blender jar and just process for a few seconds on slow. Too much churning would make it thin.

For the Berry Puree:
1. Place the entire quantity of berries in the blender jar, reserving but a few for garnishing.
2. Add a tsp of creme de cassis and blend the two together to form a chunky paste. Make sure not to smoothen all the way through.

To Serve:
1. Pour a little milkshake into a glass, then spoon in the berry puree. Repeat this layering technique till the glass is full.
2. Top up with reserved frozen berries.
3. Spoon or pour a bit of the vanilla milkshake into each serving glass, add a bit of the berry puree, more of the milkshake, more puree and so on.
4. Give the milkshake a bit of swirl with a spoon and serve immediately.

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