Singhara Ke Burfi Recipe

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1/2 cup Singhara flour (waterchestnut flour),
2 tbsp Ghee,
1/2 cup Khoya,
3/4 cup sugar,
1/2 cup water, and
1/2 tsp cardamom powder.


* Stir-fry flour in ghee in a heavy pan to a light pink color over low flame.
* Transfer immediately to another vessel.
* Stir-fry Khoya in the pan till there are no lumps and it is of light pink color.
* Mix cardamom powder and flour to it.
* Set aside for cooling.
* Make a thick syrup by boiling water and sugar till it is of thicker consistency. (One can check for the right consistency by putting a drop of syrup in cold water. If it forms a soft ball than it is of right consistency.)
* Remove the pan from flame.
* Mix the syrup immediately to the Khoya mixture, stirring vigorously to blend it well.
* Grease a plate and transfer the mixture to it.
* Level it and cool it.
* When cool and set, cut into pieces, using a sharp knife.
* The Burfee is ready to serve.
* Makes about 15 to 18 burfis.

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