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A comprehensive food guides & tips section from Awesome Cuisine providing you with simple kitchen tips, cooking ideas, food guides and tips to make your cooking experience hassle free and everything else you wanted to know about food. Including tips that inspire people to Cook, Taste and Enjoy not only Indian Food but also Chinese, Continental, Thai, Mexican and other World Cuisines.

Latest Indian Food Guides

  • Gujarati cuisine is primarily vegetarian. It has a lot of Jain and Buddhist influence. Gujarati dishes are distinctively sweet, salty, and spicy at the same time. The typical Gujarati meal consists of Roti, daal or kadhi, rice, and a curry. The cuisine, spices and vegetables changes with season.

  • Sindhi Cuisine is from the land of Sindh, now presently in Pakistan, belonging to the ancient Indus valley civilization. Sindhi Food is vivacious, with a lot of warm flavors, an awesome of blend tasty sweets, spicy curries, flavored gravies, kingly biryanis, abundant fresh vegetables, and a variety of flatbreads.

  • Andhra Pradesh’s cuisine is probably the spiciest and hottest of all Indian cuisines. The cuisine is broadly classified into two categories – the more traditional original Andhra cuisine and the Hyderabadi cuisine which has Mughlai influences in it.

  • Goa, the land of diverse cultures and international cuisines thrives mainly on tourism. Goan cuisine overlaps with Konkan and Maharashtran cuisine very closely.

  • “You are what you eat” is the way Tamil Brahmins view cooking.
    Tamil Brahmin cuisine is based on the concept that food shapes the personality, mood and mind.

  • Kashmiri Cuisine has evolved over hundreds of years starting from the invasion of Timur in 15th century. It is mainly composed of three distinct styles of cooking – the Kashmiri …

  • Karnataka, the land of the kannadigas, surrounded by three south Indian states and one North Indian state is a land of excuisite cuisine. Here at AwesomeCuisine we bring you all Kannadiga flavors in a very simple and easy to cook way.

  • Office goers, I hear ya all. I know you guys are fed up reading all the nutritious facts about fruits and veggies and taking care of hydration for the summer. So, are we. Do you all need something more practical, huh?

  • This fruit rightly called the King of fruits is a native to the Indian sub continent – originally from our very own South and South East Asia. Even the name originated from Malayalam – manga.

  • What comes to mind when you read the title? Lemons pickles? Lemonade? Lemon rice? Lemon pie? Lemon marmalade? These are just a few things I could think of.

    Lemons are the richest source of Vita…

  • If heaven drops a date, open your mouth- the saying goes. For some, it is just that when they pop a date fruit into their mouth. Dates go much further back in time. Remains of dates have been found …

  • Spices are well-known as appetizers and are considered essential in the culinary art all over the world. Apart from adding colour, flavour and taste, consumption of spices provide infinite health benefits.

  • Drops of water fogging your window, cold breeze accompanied. It is the time of the year again when you take out the raincoats and make a splash or two in the water. It is the rainy season and as much …

  • Making sugar syrup – its consistency is a very important factor for making sweets. The consistency should be just right otherwise the end product will not be good.

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