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10 Health Benefits of Apple

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The old adage ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is relevant even today amidst momentous leaps in health care sector. Apple is packed with a mélange of benefits which can overhaul an ailing human anatomy effortlessly.

Apple bestows numerous health benefits, the top 10 among them are being enumerated below.

  1. Apple is a good source of soluble fiber which has the potential to cure intestinal disorders such as hemorrhoids, diverticulitis which can ward off the onset of cancer. It also modulates the body’s insulin level by slowing down the release of food glucose into blood stream. The stream is further cleansed and detoxified of heavy metals like mercury and lead which can clog the blood flow.
  2. Apple is the only source of phloridzin, a powerful flavonoid which is known for its property of protecting women in post-menopausal stage from succumbing to osteoporosis. Bone density is also augmented. Apple is also rich in boron, which is known for bone strengthening properties.
  3. Children on a daily diet of apple juice are less liable to suffer from breathing problem or asthmatic conditions than those who occasionally drink apple juice. Research has conclusively proved that children who are born to mothers on a continuous diet of apples in the pregnancy trimesters are less prone to contract asthma than those who were grounded by mothers with no or lesser apple intake.
  4. The extract prepared from apple skins when consumed will lead to lowering of the risk of colon cancer by about 40%. Pectin content brings down the risk of colon cancer apart from reducing cholesterol levels and controlling the secretion of insulin, thus helping in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. The level of bad cholesterol ‘LDL’ in the body is controlled by pectin. Cholesterol level is reduced by 16% in people who eat two apples in a day.
  5. The excess of naringin and quercetin brand of flavonoids in apples leads to lowering of the risk of contracting lung cancer in people who eat apples regularly. Eating an apple a day will keep you shielded from the breast cancer causing elements.
  6. Quercetin flavonoid in apples has proven antioxidant properties which control the free radicals in the body and prevents the brain cells from being victimized to free radical damage. This results in deterring the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. An apple fortifies the heart, quells thirst, keeps the lungs lubricated, reduces mucous, and help the seamless circulation of body fluids. Consuming apple cider vinegar helps to lower the development of kidney stones. Skin diseases are reduced by daily apple consumption. You can get a glowing skin with no discolored patches effortlessly. The potassium content in apples is helpful in fostering heart health.
  8. If you eat apples prior to a major meal, you can shed about 33% of excess flab. Apple is devoid of fat and sodium and only supplies the body with 50 to 80 calories. Apples have a smaller presence of iron, calcium and phosphorus.
  9. Diabetes management becomes easier for patients who are constantly fed apples as the galacturonic acid supplied to body by pectin helps the body to survive on lesser quantity of insulin.
  10. The chances of developing liver cancer are also reduced by about 55 percent in people who regularly feed on apple skins.

Health Benefits of Apples

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, America recommends that every individual should necessarily eat one apple every day to steer clear of a number of terminal ailments. Always choose the freshest apple from the grocery shop and try to eat it fresh so that you can assimilate the maximum amount of apple’s inherent nutrients.

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