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How to Cure a Hangover

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“It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth.” – George Burns

It is true. All of us, if Teetotalers get offended the numerical can be altered; most of us once in a while would feel like Mr. George Burns. The trouble does not emanate from the cerebral function which prompts for first to the fourteenth; it is that juicy thing that comes out of the bottle that does the counting before settling the payment cheque. Alcohol is a total diuretic and as a result it drains all fluids from the body which is the main cause of all symptoms of hangover.

Hangover Cure

The minute you open your eyes the next morning after a terrific and no-holds barred drinking spree, you feel dizzy and sick, and head splitting into pieces and above all you feel severe dehydration and nausea. Your stomach crunches and in most cases alcohol still remains in the body system the next morning. Under the circumstances you need to follow the below mentioned tips to keep your hangover away and regain your lost composure.

  • After coming from the drinking extravaganza, drink gallons of water before going to bed.
  • Immediately after waking up in the morning rehydrate your body again with lots of water and fruit juices. You can also put some lemon in the water and drink. Replenishing the body with fluids settles most scores of the hangover. It helps keep the stomach calm and adds vitamin C. Do not drink extremely cold or hot water. Just drink water at room temperature.
  • If you are forced into the toilet, just go ahead as it helps calm your stomach.
  • Do not venture to drink coffee as it is also diuretic, it only adds to dehydration. You may avoid dairy products also as they tend to make you queasy. If you feel like, before drinking a cup of coffee, drink water generously to avoid additional dehydration caused by caffeine.
  • Take a glass of ginger Ale to help stomach stay soothe.
  • Cabbage juice helps settle stomach upset.
  • Pickle foods and canned fish can ease nausea, since fermentation in it produces bacteria to soothe your stomach.
  • Some pain killers might rescue you from those splitting headaches, although it is not advisable as these pain killers might cause more harm to the liver.
  • In hangover conditions, you may not feel like taking body exercise. But, exerting your body to sweat can help you feel better faster.
  • A head-bath either with cold or hot water can bring your head back to normalcy and you feel fresher once the odor is off your body.
  • Plain honey can rid your mouth and throat of aches.
  • Drink sports drinks.
  • Though it is temporary, still you can try Bloody Mary or a shot of whiskey which can relieve you while the blood in your body is dealing with new one, the old remainder is ignored.

Human body metabolism has never respected too much of anything. The more it is with alcohol, as it simply dehydrates water content in the body which causes all symptoms of a hangover when the body system rejects excess intake of the drink. No surprise that once in a blue moon every one of us do not honestly miss such an occasion. Preparing yourself for such an occasion is a wise approach – by drinking lots of water before the start and taking a good meal with lots of carbohydrates a little before. Another important thing is to drink something that suits your system. And, never forget to drink water after coming back home and before going to bed.

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Abhra November 23, 2013 - 5:22 pm

Good advice, sadly I don’t get to drink all that much!


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