Holi Recipes

Holi is the seasonal festival which celebrates the month of falgun and the coming of spring. Holi is a festival of colours. At midnight, before the festival, great bonfires are made and coconuts and seasonal fruits are offered to the fire. Though any sweets can be eaten on this festival, some are typical. Sugar batashas or garlands of sugar discs are worn by merrymakers who throw colours at each other as a sign of rejuvenation and joy.

Bhang Pakora

Bhang Pakora

A special Holi recipe from Rajasthan. Ingredients: Bhang Leaves – handful, tender (or use 1 […]

Dahi Bhalle (Dahi Bhalla)
Chaat, Holi

Dahi Bhalle

A popular North Indian chaat dish made during festival occasions. Similar to the South Indian […]

Holi, Snacks


Papri, not to be confused with Papri Chaat, are traditionally made in Mathur homes during Holi and Diwali. They must be rolled out as thinly as possible and the larger you make them the greater is the skill required in the rolling and frying process.



Thandai is a North-Indian drink made especially when the hot, dry
summer winds blow through the region leaving everything and everybody
parched. This thirst-quencher is tasty and cooling.