Tomato Halwa

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400g tomatoes
75g corn flour
300g sugar
75g ghee or butter
25g cashew nuts, roasted
25g almonds, roasted
5g cardamom powder


1. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and blend them to a fine puree. Sieve through a fine cloth and separate from the pulp.
2. To the tomato puree, add 1 glass of water and corn flour. Mix well and set aside.
3. Mix sugar along with 1 cup of water and bring to a boil for few minutes.
4. While boiling, add tomato mixture to the sugar syrup and mix well until the mixture thickens.
5. Now, add ghee and stir for few minutes until it mixes well.
6. Later, add cashew nuts, almonds, cardamom powder and mix well.
7. Pour the mixture over a greased plate and set aside until it gets cooled. When cooled, cut into diamond shaped pieces.


  1. its very good i will try it

  2. its very good i will try it

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