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Kulfi Badshahi

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Full Cream Milk – 2 1/2 cups
Condensed Milk – 200 gms
Almonds – 8 to 10 + 1 tblsp shredded
Pistachios – 8 to 10 + 1 tblsp shredded
Cornflour – 1 tblsp
Saffron strands – 1/8 tsp, soaked in 1 tblsp warm milk
Green Cardamoms – 2, crushed
Raisins – 1/2 tblsp

1. Blanch the whole almonds and pistachios together and remove the skin.
2. Then grind them to a paste with 2 tblsp milk.
3. Transfer the condensed milk to a heavy-bottomed pan.
4. Combine cornflour and 1/8 cup of milk and stir till cornflour dissolves well. Keep aside.
5. Pour the remaining milk into  thhe pan and stir constantly.
6. Add cardamoms and saffron strands with the milk.
7. Place the pan over moderate flame and allow to boil.
8. Reduce flame to low and simmer for 6 to 8 minutes.
9. Remove and add the almond-pistachio paste.
10. Mix well and keep aside to cool.
11. Garnish with shredded almonds, pista and raisins.
11. Pour into kulfi moulds and keep in the freezer to set.
12. Remove and serve.

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