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Salt Lassi

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Lassi is one of the most popular summer drinks across India. It is available in numerous flavours such as Mango Lassi, Watermelon Lassi, Rose Lassi, Ginger Lassi, and Fruit Lassi to name a few. Serve this salted lassi chilled with some ice cubes or keep it in the fridge for a few hours.
Salt Lassi

Curd – 1 cup
Cumin Powder – 1 tsp
Cold Water – 1/2 cup
Coriander Leaves – little, chopped
Ginger – 1/2 tsp, grated or finely sliced (optional)
Salt as per taste
Ice Cubes

1. Add water to the curd and mix well.
2. Sprinkle cumin powder and enough salt.
3. Stir well or whisk well until smooth and frothy.
4. Garnish with coriander leaves.
5. Pour into serving glasses filled with 1 or 2 ice cubes.
6. Garnish with a little sprinkle of cumin powder and ginger.
7. Serve at once.

Tip: You can also combine all the ingredients in a mixer jar and blend until frothy.

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