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Jacket Potatoes with Mayonnaise

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5 to 6 medium Potatoes with the peel
Oil for deep frying
1 cup Mayonnaise
1 tsp Pepper powder
Salt to taste

1. Wash the potatoes and do not peel.
2. Boil 300-350 ml of water in a pan.
3. Add salt to taste and boil the potatoes in the hot water only for 3 to 4 minutes till half cooked.
4. Remove and cool. With a sharp knife cut thick circles from the half cooked potatoes and keep aside.
5. Heat enough oil for deep frying and fry the jacket potato circles in hot oil, a few at a time till crispy and brown. Remove and keep aside.
6. Fry all the potatoes in this way. Remove most of the oil from the pan leaving only 1 tsp.
7. Place the pan on low fire and add the mayonnaise.
8. Now mix in the fried potatoes and sprinkle the pepper powder.
9. Toss gently and serve at once while still hot and crispy as a starter.

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