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20 Must Have New Year Party Food

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New Year is a great time to celebrate with friends and family. Entertaining guests coming home this year can be made fun and easy with the following party must haves. Be different this time with some new surprises.

New Year Party Food

  1. Chicken Soup: Boil small pieces of chicken in a pot and thicken it with cornflour. Put salt, pepper and taste enhancer as seasoning and add eggs. Serve it in hot condition at the start of the party with bradsticks.
  2. Chicken skewers: Marinate chicken pieces with curd, tandoori masala and ginger garlic paste. Put in the oven for a few minutes and serve on the platter with pudina chutney.
  3. Popcorn: Popcorns are a must for getting the party started. Flavor it with chili peppers and black salt.
  4. Soft Drink Cocktails: No party can go on without a drink or two. Mixing Fanta, Sprite and Pepsi together with orange juice can make a refreshing cocktail.
  5. Sandwiches: Cut boat shaped big bread into slices and put them on a baking tray. Top the pieces with cheese, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Put in the oven and take out when the bread becomes crunchy and the cheese has melted.
  6. Chorizo Cheese Potato Wraps: Slice potatoes and put chorizo pieces between two potato slices with some cheese. Keep in the oven for some time and see the wonderful finger food coming out.
  7. French Fries: Potato wedges and French fries are all time party favorite. Bake them in the oven and serve with mouthwatering dips.
  8. Fish Fry: Make thin slices of cod or haddock fish fillets and marinate with lemon juice, ginger-garlic-onion paste, salt and pepper. Dip the marinated pieces in egg and dip them in golden breadcrumbs. Fry them hot when guests are home and ready to eat.
  9. Pasta: Boil pasta of any shapes and keep aside. Keep some boiled vegetables aside. Prepare the pasta with some pasta sauce and flavoring with vegetables and cheese when the party starts.
  10. Chicken Wraps: Get tortilla from the superstore and fill it with spicy chicken filling. Wrap it and cut into two for making small wraps.
  11. Small Hamburgers: Buy burger patties from the market and set them inside burger breads. Serve with lettuce and mayonnaise inside the burger.
  12. Hotdog Rolls: Make the dough and spread in the form of flat bread. Put a hotdog inside and roll it. Make several pieces and put in the oven for making it puffy and crunchy.
  13. Ice Creams: Vanilla ice cream can be served with cherry berry mix and melt dark chocolate sprinkles in a party.
  14. Small Pizzas: Bring pizza breads from the market and top with tomato sauce, cheese of your choice and chicken slices. Put in the oven and serve hot to guests.
  15. Doughnuts: People like mixture of sweet and spice in parties. Make doughnuts using doughnut mix and decorate with different icing sprinkles.
  16. Muffins: Muffins of blueberry or banana really serves as wonderful party deserts. Making these is fun with muffin mixture available in the market.
  17. Fruit and Cheese Skewers: Take skewers and put cherries, a chunk of pineapple and cheese chunks one after the other. This will also be refreshing for the guests.
  18. Stuffed Capsicum: Cut the capsicum upper and scoop out. Put a layer of butter inside and put some diced meat, onion, coriander leaves, salt, pepper and chilli flakes along with cheese. Keep in the oven and serve hot.
  19. Ginger Tea: Make tea with ginger, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon sticks. This tea will keep the guest hot and entertained.
  20. Onion Pakoras: Slice onions and mix in gram flour with chili pieces and salt. Fry them in hot oil and serve with hot tea.

Try these amazing foods in your New Year party and become a darling among your friends and relatives.

Happy New  Year!

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