Chat Pat Bhelpuri Recipe

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Chat Pat Bhel Puri

Poha or Puffed Rice- 4 handfuls
Cucumber- 1
Carrot- 1
Onion- 1big or 2 small sizes
Tomato- 1
Coriander Leaves- a small handful

Green Chutney
½ of Ginger
Pudina-1 cup
4 – 5 Green Chiilies
Salt- to taste

Sweet Chutney
Tamarind-lemon size
Jaggery- ½ cup

To Prepare Green Chutney
Grind all the mixture mentioned above in a mixer and keep it aside
To Prepare Sweet Chutney
Soak Tamarind in water for 2-3 minutes, now add jaggery tamarind and a pinch of salt in the mixer and make a paste.

To prepare Bhel Puri
Cut all the vegetables mentioned above into small pieces except the carrot.
Now grate the carrot and mix it together.
Now add 1 ½ spoonful of green chutney and 1 ½ spoonful of sweet chutney mix it well.
Now take poha based on the desired number of people to serve, in a separate vessel, add the mixed ingredients to it and serve
Chat pat Bhel’s Ready, eat it along with a cool drink

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