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5 Tips on How to Cook a Romantic Meal

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A nice meal isn’t just about the food, it’s about the atmosphere, the ambience and setting the scene.
This post is for of those romantic guys and girls out there who want to do something a bit special and cook a romantic meal for their beloved – whether it be your first date or your golden anniversary.

Romantic Meal

  1. Tip 1: Pick A Simple Recipe – Getting adventurous in the kitchen is great fun, but generally the more adventurous you get the more likely things will go wrong. Unless you are something of a culinary whiz, finding a nice simple but effective recipe should be your first priority.
    (this Mushroom Masala Recipe is surprisingly simple, but incredibly tasty). Finding the right recipe, something that you can do well, could be the difference between success and a big mess. Remember, you will have plenty to be nervous about on a first date, so you will be glad you followed this tip.
  2. Tip 2: Surprise Her / Him – Nice obvious tip, but could take a little forethought. Why not ask your date to pick you up and say that you have booked a restaurant. Then when he/she arrives, reveal the surprise. The surprise will instantly break the ice and who doesn’t love a surprise anyway?
  3. Tip 3: Have A Trial – All recipes go better if you know and understand the process. At the least you should read it through in detail and learn it. Better still though, actually try to cook it for yourself – you are bound to make a couple of mistakes, and they are better learned now than on your date night.
  4. Tip 4: Clean And Tidy – The downside to cooking is that you make washing up. Plan well and make sure you have time to tidy as you cook. There is nothing worse than enjoying a romantic meal and then remembering just how much washing up there is to be done. A tidy clean house and kitchen will help make the meal that much more enjoyable.
  5. Tip 5: Those Extra Bits – Don’t forget about starters and desserts. You can buy something in if you want, but again, you can probably find a simple snack recipe to start. (These mini samosas will go great with that mushroom masala I mentioned.)

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