Prawns refer to a species of shellfish belonging to the lobster family. The preparation of prawns involve a rather lengthy procedure ranging from defrosting to cleaning and de-veining and finally deciding whether to cook them with or without the shell.Prawns can be cooked in a host of ways. Grilling, broiling, frying and steaming are the preferred methods of cooking. Prawns are made into curries and the shells and heads are sometimes used for making stock.Prawn recipes are popular world wide and hailed by different names. They are “lobsters” to the Danihsh, “scampi” to the Italians, “languoustine” to the French, “langostino” to the Spanish and “lobsterette” to the Caribbeans.

Prawn Curry Puffs 380x250 - Prawn Curry Puffs

Prawn Curry Puffs

Seafood has never failed to impress any food lover. But, they have always been associated with either lunch or a dinner menu. We can hardly think of having a snack made with sea food. Here, is a delicious prawn recipe that you can have in the evenings with tea in the evening.

thaikingprawncurry 380x250 - Thai King Prawn Curry
Prawn, Thai

Thai King Prawn Curry

Due to the tropical climate and abundance of coast line, prawns are farmed in abundance in Thailand, and as such are one of the most popular foods in Thailand. Best served with either rice or noodles, this delicious and fragrant dish offers a taste of the exotic in your very own home.